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Birthdays, Anniversaries & Retirement too . . .

             Weddings & Christenings, to name but a few . . .



How often have you seen a fantastic birthday cake presented to someone at a party and then the next thing you know, it's being demolished and devoured & there is nothing left to see! Sometimes it's nice to have something to keep after the celebrations are over. A 'Theme or Hobby' plaque creates the main focal point on the cake, but is removed before the cake is cut and can be kept as a momento of that very special occasion. Plaques can vary in size, starting from a 6 inch round or square, increasing to a 7in, 8in or 9in, depending on the size of the cake for which they are intended. The cost will be based on the size selected & the amount of detail involved. Lots of different styles & effects can be incorporated and no two plaques will be the same. Each one will be unique and individually designed, using the detailed information provided by you, the customer.


Milestone birthdays provide a perfect opportunity for letting your imagination run wild! For example, a 3 dimensional sugar collage  can be a collection of personal interests and hobbies. It's amazing, just how much information can be crammed into that small space! Alternatively, it can focus on one particular subject. It might be a favourite pastime or a burning ambition. maybe their love of music, featuring their best-loved band, or in the case of a musician,to highlight any instruments which they play. Any subject can instigate the design for a 'Keepsake Plaque'. The cake could pick up on the party theme, such as a masquerade ball, the mad hatter's tea party or an 80's themed night!

Anniversary plaques are a great way of combining the couple's interests and lifestyle into a story board effect. Favourite holiday destinations, past and present haunts and basically everything that they do can be incorporated . . . . and they can keep it to treasure afterwards for many years to come.



Please note that all keepsake plaques are for decoration only!  As well as sugar, they do also contain additional materials which act as supports etc. . . .


If you prefer to make your own cake, then you can order a plaque to fit the top, either round or square. Alternatively, if you would rather have the whole cake done for you, then email Ann with your ideas . . . .




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