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The overall presentation of a cake is effected by the standard of decoration applied to it.  Flowers for your wedding cake can be created in sugar to compliment your bridal bouquet. These can be kept for many years to come, either in their original state or preserved under glass. This could be as a picture presentation, depending on the size of the flowers, or for larger items, a domed or similar tabletop display. This feature doesn't just apply to wedding flowers, It can be any celebration which involves a keepsake which you want to protect and treasure. 

Whether you choose a minimal design, such as a single Lily or a more traditional concept involving various types of flowers and foliage, the end result will be handcrafted with outstanding attention to detail. Beads and crystals can be included in your design, as can ribbons, feathers and decorative wire. Gilded sugar parchment scrolls or message tags can depict the details of your special occasion, along with an family emblems/crests which may be appropriate. Ornaments can be applied to your cake, such as cut crystal objects, miniature picture frames or maybe a tiny lace fan as a backdrop for a small flower corsage spray.  

Attention to Detail . . .


The clown shown above is made entirely from sugar. His ruffled layers are threaded onto lengths of spaghetti. He was removed to a tabletop presentation case after the event and will remain a treasured keepsake.

Another picture shows a sample of tartan, which was recreated in sugar to accompany the traditional Thistle for a wedding cake topper.

The picture presentation features my grapevine design which started out on a 50th Birthday cake. Before transferring it to the box frame I provided a hessian backing to give a more natural effect against the corks.

The cake topper above left was very intricate. The design was created for a couple who were into the restoration of old racing cars. The specified die cast models were dressed for the event and their in the backdrop was a large sugar Laurel wreath. The chequered flags and the advertising backdrop all added to the effect.


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Edible Images

For an instant solution to decorate your cake, why not use a favourite photo or image & have it printed onto an edible icing sheet. It can be personalised too! Just email your image (as a jpg) along with the details you require.

You can order the edible topper on it's own & apply it to your own cake. It will come with easy to follow instructions, or if you prefer, order your cake & have an edible icing topper as part of your design.

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